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First in the Terror by the Numbers Series

Tia and Orlando are trying to stay alive long enough to save the free world, as the Russian Mafia pursues them from Moscow to New York City.

Orlando Corogan, a world-class business woman, can easily negotiate international trade agreements and confidently command the board room.

Tia Johnson, a retired CIA agent, can eliminate just about any international threat without breaking a nail.
Tia's CIA team members Robert Taylor, Peter Dixon, and Joe Cramer had all gone their separate ways, but the team must reunite to save Orlando from certain death and retrieve FILE 13.

A cold war relic, File 13 is a top-secret catalog of double agents throughout Europe that has been stolen, and then stolen again, changing hands multiple times before being lost in a high-stakes robbery gone wrong. The race to dominate European counter intelligence starts when the team steals FILE 13 out from under Grouchev's nose at the Protectorate in Moscow, and continues down the East Coast of the United States, as the team struggles to retrieve the information.

Tia and Orlando, along with their male colleagues, are hunted and chased from New York City to a Florida ranch, as they try to outwit and outrun their enemies. Espionage and intrigue follow the two teams through gun fights and high speed pursuits, right into the jaws of death. Will they be able to outwit their opponents and escape alive, in possession of FILE 13, or will Grouchev get his revenge?

FILE 13 is the first book in the series Terror by the Numbers. Look for book two Rapture 42 to be released soon.

The holy bible  talks about the Rapture in detail, describing how our bodies will be instantaneously, gloriously transformed when the Lord comes and pours out His righteous judgement over the Earth. But for Joseph Menelik, a religious fanatic and the leader of the terrorist group SHEBA, these passages are a battle cry. To him, the Bible is an instruction manual, with a detailed battle plan to bring about the end of the world.

“The book of the prophet Isaiah (42) is quite clear. We are SHEBA!” he shouted. “We are Salaam Haadam Everlasting Before Allah! We are the instrument of righteous judgement. We come together, Muslim, Christian, and Hebrew, poised to start the apocalypse in order to bring about the Rapture for all mankind! We shall not be swayed! We shall not be stopped! We have a holy calling and we will do His will! We are Salaam! We are peace! We are all men! We are God in human form! We will bring the Rapture and everlasting peace.”
One small group of radicals has decided to change all of that and bring on the Rapture  -  using America's technology to do it.  Are Tia, Orlando, Robert and Peter able to stop the terrorists before they take more lives?

 About The Author

Elizabeth Leavens is the pen name of Dr. Elizabeth Cruickshank. She has been a published writer and journalist for more than two decades.  She lives in Virginia with her husband and her two sets of twins.  Elizabeth writes both fiction (under her pen name) and non-fiction (under her legal name). She is currently writing Rapture 42, the next book in her Terror by the Numbers series, and she expects to publish it in late 2018.