We can help you to implement a successful business development strategy:
  • Capture Management - The ability to understand and meet your customer's key needs and wants is imperative.
  • Subject Matter Expertise - Product and process expertise, combined with experience, build the foundation of a compliant and compelling response.
  • Process Management - Efficient process management results in timely delivery. Effective document management drives a professional response.
  • Pricing - Accurate, competitive pricing is equally as important as a compelling, technically accurate response.

  • Writing / Editing - Effective writing and editing create compliant and compelling responses.
  • Compliance Review - We perform a cross-walk compliance check to verify the technical response meets contract requirements.

  • Oral Presentations - Larger opportunities frequently require an oral presentation of the proposal. We prepare our clients for successful responses.

  • Implementation & Assessment - A successful implementation is the beginning of a good relationship with your customer. Follow-up performance assessments establish a record of experience that supports your incumbent position in future proposals.
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