Delta Solutions leadership training and team building, using positive psychology, can help you develop a successful change management strategy:
  • SWOT Analysis - A thorough situational analysis will reveal an accurate picture of your organization's most critical needs, who your competition is, and the opportunities you have to increase market share.
  • Leadership Coaching
    Enhance staff wellbeing to overcome burnout, empower multidisciplinary teams to cultivate engagement, use positive attitudes and engaged teams to achieve remarkable results.

  • Directed Brainstorming - A moderated, safe environment allows team members to be innovative and feel a sense of ownership for new ideas.
  • Innovation and Strategy Development - A fresh approach to an organizational challenge can inspire innovative and strategically sound solutions.
  • Process Refinement - Identifying and simplifying multiple steps in work flows can expedite and improve process outcomes.
  • Targeted Objective Development - Specific, measureable objectives that align with company goals incorporate physical tasks, move the project to completion, and are easily measured once implemented.

  • Process Change Implementation - A successful process change is achieved when the implementation does not compromise existing operations.

  • Progress Assessments - Ongoing progress assessments allow teams to address any potential issues before they interfere with normal operations or become costly.
  • Mid-Course Corrections -  Using Rapid Cycle Improvement, when new information or obstacles are identified, mid-course corrections reduce costs and time to completion.
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