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Cruickshank Consulting works with our clients to transform their business and to make substantial, lasting, and meaningful improvements in performance. Together, we find solutions to complex problems, develop profitable action plans, and energize teams to sustain success.
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Our Services
Cruickshank Consulting collaborates with our clients to craft innovative ideas and develop brilliant solutions.
  1. Business Development & The Proposal Process
    We help business owners create and expand their businesses.
    Cruickshank Consulting often helps business start-ups with items such as start-up budgets, business plans, and any other items that might be necessary to get a fledgling business off the ground. We can help to simplify these tasks while educating the new entrepreneur on the nuances of a successful start-up. Cruickshank Consulting also provides subject matter expertise and writing support to help companies of all sizes to respond to requests for proposals (RFPs), as they create and implement business development strategies to become bigger, smarter, stronger, and more competitive.
  2. Organizational Process Improvement
    We assist clients in solving complex strategic and operational problems.
    From diagnosis through implementation and beyond, Cruickshank Consulting fuses design, technology and proven business practices to create innovative solutions to challenging strategic and operational problems. To increase organizational effectiveness, we help clients unlock significant operational inefficiencies, drive differentiated product management, and define a clear operational strategy and implementation plan. We assist our clients with the difficult operational challenges, leading to cost reductions and revenue growth.
  3. Leadership & Team Building
    We collaborate with our client partners to help them create organizational culture change that ensures success.
    Business leaders who want to become agile face the daunting challenge and responsibility of building dynamic, high-performing teams. You must create a culture that allows teams to execute strategy quickly, while easily adapting to your ever-changing, dynamic business environment. Cruickshank Consulting uses powerful leadership and team development processes to help you meet your culture change goals, whether you are looking to change or enhance your leadership team, or your entire organization. We help your leaders build teams and manage organizational change to help you increase your productivity and profitability.
  4. Branding & Product Development
    Effective brand strategy gives your organization a significant edge in the competitive marketplace.
    Innovative branding is more than creating a new company or product name. It involves a discrete set of highly effective processes and principles that can dramatically improve the chances of new business success. Your successful branding or product launch will begin with a competitive and insightful a positioning strategy, including a realistic assessment of your positioning opportunities, your competitor companies and products, and potential market niches or customer needs that are begging for attention. We will work with your management team to develop an innovative branding or product launch, using branding research, market sizing and target engagement.
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